Matchmaking Sprint

>> Map your business opportunities in Finland with KIRAHub, an innovation hub and ecosystem of over 1 000 organisations

>> Hear from Helsinki Business Hub about how to enter the market

>> Meet up with A-insinöörit, a pioneering company paving the way in construction engineering and consulting industry with a newly launched CVC-programme 

Has your company created a digital solution that makes our built environment better or the industry work smarter? Are you looking to expand your business to Finland? Join the Matchmaking Sprint!

Regional Business Development Team Nordics & Baltics in cooperation with The Netherlands Embassy in Helsinki has teamed up with KIRAHub, an innovation hub boosting sustainable digitalisation of the built environment in Finland. Together they are now opening a special market entry opportunity where 5 companies are selected to join a bespoke matchmaking sprint this spring.

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Why Helsinki and Finland?

Holding the position as Europe’s best country in the digital society and economy comparison (DESI), Finland offers an extremely well-functioning and international business environment and talented workforce. This mix creates the perfect ground for success. In recent years, Finland has also excelled in the startup scene, producing headline stories and topping the charts in attracting venture capital.

Additionally, Helsinki was ranked #2 in Smart City Index in 2020. The vast Smart City development creates the basis for smart building solutions and technologies, supported by an ambitious and multidisciplinary smart building ecosystem in Helsinki. The city also offers you an access to real-life test beds and opens opportunities to collaborate with public and private partners.

Finland is currently leading the way in innovation and digitalisation of real estate and construction industry. The country holds the top position in the number of PropTech startups per capita. The R&D investments are also on the rise as Finland invest annually up to 2 million euros to promote digitalisation in the real estate and construction sector (Germany invests €7,5 million).

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Matchmaking starts

The matchmaking sprint

Based on the needs of the companies and the materials provided, KIRAHub and the partners offer the following support for the selected Dutch companies during the process:

  • identify potential partners and collaboration opportunities (e.g. industry development projects, research initiatives, R&D programs)
  • shortlist clients in the Finnish real estate and construction sector that match the profile, needs and ambitions of the selected Dutch companies
  • host a dedicated sparring session with each company to go through the findings and to help initiate the contacts
  • guide on how to develop and adjust the company’s business to the Finnish market
  • market entry support and introduction to soft-landing services provided by Helsinki Business Hub 
  • opportunity to meet with the team from the newly launched NewCo Accelerator programme and to apply for their next cohort

WHO CAN apply

The Netherlands Embassy and KIRAHub have specifically opened this opportunity for companies that match the following criteria:

  • you are based in the Netherlands
  • you are looking to enter the Finnish market now or in the near future
  • you have a market-ready solution
  • your solution boosts sustainable digitalisation and/or circular economy in the built environment

If you answered yes to all of the above, please go ahead and click the yellow button below to apply now!

You can see the questions here to prepare your answers. The organisers will do their research based on the applications to identify and select a delegation of five (5) companies with similar and complementing offerings and opportunities for venturing into the Finnish market.


Read how Helsinki Business Hub helped RETEX enter the Finnish market – and learn how they can support your company

“Finland’s excellent business environment, government support, and municipal and private partners were the main factors that attracted us here.” – Toomas Allikas, CEO, RETEX Panels

RETEX Panels, a company specializing in recycled textile waste innovation, is launching its operations and building a factory in Riihimäki, Finland. The company plans to disrupt the construction and building materials market with new technologies that convert textile waste into value-added products like panels. RETEX also intends to build a larger circular economy ecosystem around its new factory and to expand its operations to other European countries and beyond.

Instead of starting RETEX Panels in his native Estonia, Allikas decided to cross the narrow sea separating Estonia and Finland

>> Read the full story here

Helsinki Business Hub helps you land softly in Helsinki

All Helsinki Business Hub’s services are tailored based on the company’s needs. And they are free of charge. Click the links to read more.

>> Services for companies

>> Services for startups

>> Setting up in Finland

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Meet Dr. Pallavi Mohan, Senior Scientist and Solutions Architect at NVIDIA AI Technology Center

Pallavi is a senior scientist and solutions architect at NVIDIA. She collaborates with research
institutes and customers to solve exciting challenges in the digital twin research space using
NVIDIA Omniverse.

You can learn more about Pallavi’s thoughts on WDBE Talks, the podcast for the World of
Digital Built Environment. To hear her keynote and meet her in person, come to WBDE in
September 2023.

WDBE-talks: Digital Twins for a Sustainable Future with Dr. Pallavi Mohan of NVIDIA

In this episode of WDBE Talks, Aarni Heiskanen interviews Dr. Pallavi Mohan, a Senior Scientist and Solutions Architect at NVIDIA. They discuss Pallavi’s work in the XR and digital twins research space and the potential of digital twins and extended reality technologies for the built environment sector. Pallavi shares her journey into her current position at NVIDIA and how she leverages her expertise in virtual environments to create dynamic virtual experiences.

Meet Marzia Bolpagni, Head of BIM International at Mace

Marzia is a building engineer by background. She became interested in BIM, Building
Information Modeling, during her studies at the University of Brescia, in her hometown in
northern Italy.

You can learn more about Marzia’s thoughts on WDBE Talks, the podcast for the World of
Digital Built Environment. To hear her keynote and meet her in person, come to WBDE in
September 2023.

Meet Michelle Xuereb, the AEC Sustainability Innovator

Don’t miss Michelle Xuereb’s keynote speech at WDBE in September 2023.

The world faces a climate crisis, and the built environment is key to mitigating and adapting. Michelle Xuereb, the Director of Innovation at BDP Quadrangle, sees innovation as crucial to the transition to sustainable construction, and architects have a vital role in the process. She’s on a mission to build a culture of innovation within the BDP practice
and upskill designers to meet future requirements.

Simulation-Powered Planning for Sustainable Building Projects with Pyry Haahtela, COO Haahtela TVD

Simulation-Powered Planning for Sustainable Building Projects
with Pyry Haahtela

The sustainability of a construction project should not be an afterthought but a crucial
consideration from the start. Pyry Haahtela, the COO of Haahtela TVD, shared his views on
when and how clients and developers can best manage the carbon footprint of their
projects with simulation.

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