KIRAHub - the innovation ecosystem of the built environment in Finland

KIRAHub is a real estate and construction industry innovation ecosystem operating in the form of a non-profit association. Our vision is to position Finland as a pioneer in sustainable digitalization of the built environment. Our mission is to accelerate the seamless digitalization development of the industry.


In alignment with our strategy:

  1. We promote selected development themes in collaboration with our collaboration members.
  2. We connect the right stakeholders.
  3. We facilitate the adoption of new solutions and the flow of data.

We have compiled a comprehensive range of ways to participate in our activities and contribute to sustainable digitalization development in the built environment on our website. Welcome to join us in finding inspiration, sharing knowledge, and building a common, better future!

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WDBE2024 Summit

With a seven-year history, the World of Digital Built Environment (WDBE) Summit serves as a central hub for a thorough examination of current research, developments, trends, and innovative solutions in the digital built environment sector. Join us on a journey from Helsinki to Tallinn, where we bring together accomplished professionals from the built environment industry for two days of collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Call for the community!

World of Digital Built Environment (WDBE) Summit 2024 offers the possibility to present your latest research, solutions, projects, ideas, and achievements to the global ecosystem of built environment professionals. Deadline for the submissions is 31 March and after that we will open the call for WDBE Awards!



Artificial intelligence is also a big topic in the built environment sector. KIRAHub is a part of the EU-funded Finnish AI Region innovation hub in the Helsinki capital region. Digital innovation hubs are part of the European Union’s new Digital Europe program and help companies develop products, processes or services using digital technologies. FAIR supports companies especially in expertise services related to artificial intelligence, augmented reality and cyber security, and the quality of its services is ensured by a strong partnership. KIRAHub brings the artificial intelligence learning path of the built environment to the FAIR complex. Our services include a free and industry-wide AI for Built Environment online course, an Artificial Intelligence Accelerator course tailored to companies and other organizations, as well as various events and other content production.


What would you as an actor in the construction industry want to co-operate on? Or is there something you need assistance with? Below you can see a portfolio of our past projects and find examples of the different things that we do. The future isn’t handed to us – we need to make it together. That’s why we’re open to trying new methods and ways of working. Hopefully we get to be inspired and excited with you and build a better world!


Stay up to date on the digital development of the industry and learn more!






Broaden your network, find customers and make partnerships.


Global co-operation

The URBAN3-space



Experiment, develop solutions in joint projects and scale up with growth funding.

Strategical sparring

test funding

Growth program

co-op projects


Share knowledge, tell success stories and claim the title of a forerunner!

Events & workshops


impact tools


The breakthrough of the construction industry has brought forward many interesting stories – we provide a platform for sharing all of them. Our goal is to lift up industry actors, ease the entire industry’s learning process and share inspiring experiments and success stories. The breakthrough is a chance to turn the entire industry to a better direction.

Meet Marzia Bolpagni, Head of BIM International at Mace

Meet Marzia Bolpagni, Head of BIM International at Mace

WDBE UPDATES // Meet our keynote speaker!Meet Marzia Bolpagni, Head of BIM International at MaceMarzia Bolpagni will be a keynote speaker at WDBE in September 2023. In this interview, we learn about her passion for modernizing the construction industry to become more...

Meet Michelle Xuereb, the AEC Sustainability Innovator

Meet Michelle Xuereb, the AEC Sustainability Innovator

WDBE UPDATES // Meet our keynote speaker!Meet Michelle Xuereb, the AEC Sustainability InnovatorThe world faces a climate crisis, and the built environment is key to mitigating and adapting. Michelle Xuereb, the Director of Innovation at BDP Quadrangle, sees innovation...


What are the latest local and global events in digitizing the built environment industry? We share the most exciting news here on our website – tell us about yours and we’ll add it to our calendar! We also welcome events to our Urban3 space, which doubles as a studio and arena for the built environment ecosystem.

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Urban3 – the meeting place of our ecosystem at the Maria01 innovation cluster in Helsinki invites the entire industry to innovate, get inspired, share and network together. The space has facilities and equipment to organize events, meetings and workshops, both physically and virtually. The space also doubles as an open testing platform for digital solutions relating to the industry and the Showroom presents digital innovations for the built environment to our stakeholders relating to various themes.

Urban3 is the best place to meet Finnish ecosystems working with Urban Innovation. If you are planning a delegation trip to Finland – don’t hesitate to contact us (


KIRAHub actively collaborates with other ecosystems promoting urban innovation development nationally and internationally. We also established a network of European hubs named Urban Hub Europe, the purpose of which is to facilitate cooperation between the network’s operators, as well as easy access to the market for members. The World of Digital Built Environment WDBE Summit serves as the network’s official annual gathering platform. In addition to KIRAhub, Urban Hub Europe consists of Estonia’s Estonian Digital Construction Cluster, Denmark’s BLOXHUB and ConTech Lab, Germany’s Munich CoLab and Spain’s Smart City Cluster.