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The programme on a low-carbon built environment offers a total of EUR 40 million in funding in 2021–2023 to support Finnish companies and other organisations in developing low-carbon solutions related to the built environment. The aim is also to promote adaptation to climate change.

The aim is to boost the development and dissemination of products, technologies, services and practices for the built environment that mitigate climate change, promote the renewal of economic structures and enhance the competitiveness of Finnish companies based on sustainable solutions.

Besides funding, the Low-carbon Built Environment Programme provides a platform for developing broad-based cooperation between operators in the sector and for sharing best lessons learned.

The programme is implemented by the Ministry of the Environment and Business Finland. KIRAHub operates as the programme manager.

Who can apply for funding and what is the process?

To whom?

The program is intended for all actors who develop low-carbon solutions to build the built environment. Projects related to the circular economy will be supported when they have significant benefits for the promotion of a low-carbon built environment.

Business Finland’s main target group is companies aiming for international growth and export. Single company, a joint venture between at least three companies and  research projects can apply for funding.

Municipalities and other public procurement entities can receive funding for innovative public procurement. The public sector can be involved in creating new markets by supporting the emergence of innovations, providing a development environment and acting as the first buyer of the solution, thus creating market references for companies.

Support from the Ministry of the Environment may be granted to a company, association, municipality or other legal entity that has a business ID and whose obligations, such as taxes and fees, have been properly discharged. Funding is available for national projects that may not hold export potential.


The program runs a total of 7 application rounds. More detailed schedules and application criteria are always clear from the materials of each funding application. 

If you see that your project has an internationally interesting perspective or export potential, apply for funding primarily from Business Finland. If the project you are proposing and its solutions are primarily available only in Finland, the funding from the Ministry of the Environment is the most suitable. Applications will not be transferred from one funder to another, but must always be re-submitted at the time of each application and in accordance with the application notice.

If you are just formulating an idea, you are wondering which program to apply for or you are looking for a suitable partner, you can contact KIRAHub.

The supported projects must comply with the so-called Do No Significant Harm principle, ie they must not cause significant harm to the environment.


Programme team

Virpi Mikkonen, Business Finland

Virpi Mikkonen, Business Finland

Business Finland funding

Maija Stenvall, Ministry of the Environment

Maija Stenvall, Ministry of the Environment

Funding by Ministry of the Environment

Teemu Lehtinen, KIRAHub

Teemu Lehtinen, KIRAHub

Coordination, project sparring and networking

+358 404566108

Katri Trebs

Katri Trebs

Financial administration of the funding by the Ministry of the Environment

Vappu Id, KIRAHub

Vappu Id, KIRAHub


+358 504278700

Sami Lankiniemi, KIRAHub

Sami Lankiniemi, KIRAHub

Partnerships and events

+358 407662263


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