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WDBE UPDATES // WDBE Talks episode 11 released

Contemporary Supersensing: Discussing Client-Led Implementation with Danielle Dy Buncio

In this episode of WDBE Talks, we sat down with Danielle Dy Buncio of VIATechnik to discuss the role sensor technology has when it comes to on-site integration and the potential it possesses for helping us quickly understand and act to address future challenges. Our talk covered the power of unified digital technologies, the need for issue resolution in the fast-paced modern built environment, and the difficulties – and learning – that spun out from the recent pandemic.


Guest of this episode: 

Danielle Dy Buncio is the Co-Founder & CEO of VIATechnik, a leading Virtual Design & Construction firm advancing the real estate and construction industries through innovative technologies.

You can meet Danielle at our WDBE 2021 event on September 28, 2021, where he will be attending as a keynote speaker. You can review the Summit program and register for the event at

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“One of the major advantages of modern sensor technologies is being able to integrate data into BIM virtual design and add value throughout the process. Our whole thing at VIATechnik is enabling our clients to make high-quality, high-velocity decisions. That means making better decisions faster. You can’t guarantee you’re doing that without a good level of information which allows us to create what we call ‘data insights.’ Fundamentally, it’s a process built around understanding. You start from the questions that you need to answer, the insights you need to make come from there,” Danielle noted in our interview.


Our discussion covered:


  • The multi-strand benefits of sensor technology. 
  • The role Supersensing plays in rapid, on-site decision-making.
  • The need for practitioners to pre-empt and collectively address climate change. 
  • The power of integrating sensor solutions with BIM to produce actionable insights. 
  • Best-practice approaches for modern problem-solving.

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    The Netherlands becomes the fourth hosting country of WDBE

    The Netherlands becomes the fourth hosting country of WDBE

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