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WDBE UPDATES // WDBE Talks episode 12 released

The Importance of Immediacy: Talking BIM, VR/AR, and Supersensor Integration with Rune Huse Karlstad.

In this episode of WDBE talks, we sat down with Rune Huse Karlstad of Varjo Technologies to talk through the real-world use of VR/AR hardware and the capacity for BIM technologies to integrate and visualise sensor data to help add value for clients. Our discussion covered the increasing role VR headsets play for the sector, obstacles to adoption, and what Covid 19 revealed about the reality of where we are with tech implementations. 


Guest of this episode: 

Rune Huse Karlstad is the Business Developer for AEC, Oil, and Gas with Varjo. After starting his career as a skilled construction worker, Karlstad became an advocate for BIM technologies after retraining as a BIM Construction Engineer at Fagskolen Oslo. This led to him operating as a BIM Technician with Rambøll and BIM Co-Ordinator with ADF Gruppen before focusing on design review, sites inspections, and remote collaboration.

You can meet Rune at  WDBE 2021 Summit on September 28, 2021, where he will be a keynote speaker. You can review our program and register for the event at

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“I think people underestimate the potential of actually experiencing your models in 3D. Look at how things are done today – it’s 3D models on a 2D plane, just a computer screen. That can make it hard to fully understand the design layout and for clients to engage with. It’s often difficult for them to relate that to a drawing or understand the space they’re given when starting to work on a project. Using 3D models and virtual reality allows us to experience the models one-to-one scale as they would if the building were finished. It’s a huge benefit, especially when it comes to the time it takes for everyone to understand the basics and get feedback. People can lose days looking at paper drawings and not fully get the grasp of what you’re building or what you’re getting. But being inside VR? It’s much more efficient.”


Our discussion covered:

– The real-world benefits of deploying BIM and VR in unison

– The importance of securing quality client feedback

– The challenges of tech implementations during Covid 

– The need to remove obstacles to adoption for VR/AR technologies

– Future threats and opportunities for the industry

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    The Netherlands becomes the fourth hosting country of WDBE

    The Netherlands becomes the fourth hosting country of WDBE

    World of Digital Built Environment, or WDBE in short, has in 5 years become a platform for AEC experts across the world. This year the Netherlands joins Finland, Estonia and Denmark as the event co-organiser, adding a more profound focus on the interplay between digitalisation and sustainability in the built environment.

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