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6th May 13:00–15:00 CET | Online

Welcome to join the second open WDBE2021 Community Session!

COVID-19 emptied our offices and pushed most of us to remote working mode from our homes. This experience has had a huge effect on how we live and work in the future. There is no going back to normal but what will the new normal look like?

The Community Session will deep dive into the questions like what kind of office spaces do we need for the new hybrid way of working? How can these spaces foster creativity, wellbeing and productivity? How should the real estate and construction sector adapt to these new needs? What kind of new service concepts and business models can thrive in the new era? What is the role of digital solutions in all this?

The session will be opened with a Community Keynote from Anders Stenbäck, VP of Offering and Services Development at YIT which is followed by expert talks and panel discussions from the global WDBE community.

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Please note that all times are in CET.


Welcome, introduction and matchmaking sprint

Teemu Lehtinen, CEO, KIRAHub (FIN)



The Future of Work: Death of the Office? Case YIT Workery+

Anders Stenbäck, VP – Offering & Services Development, YIT (FIN)

Q&A moderated by Teemu Lehtinen, CEO, KIRAHub (FIN)


Community Talks

Maija Patjas, Head of International Relations, Rapal & Chairman, IFMA Finland (FIN)

Tapani Laitila, Sales Director, Framery (FIN)

Anders Noren, Strategic Alliances Executive, Priva Lab for Innovation (NL & UK)

Kaia Kirs, Owner, Reminet (EST)

Anders Sälan, Senior product and development manager, NREP (DEN)

Community Panel

Joined by all speakers

Moderated by Teemu Lehtinen, CEO, KIRAHub (FIN)


Wrap-up and closing remarks


Session ends

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