Life EconomisE

Partner session – 30th September 2020 at 13:00–14:00 (EEST)

This partner session is hosted by the WWF Finland’s LIFE EconomisE project ( 

The project’s objective is to influence the uptake of energy efficiency measures and to bring about a shift towards low-carbon investment, explicitly focused on decarbonisation of buildings and improved climate resilience. This session describes the big picture of the LIFE EconomisE project and showcases 5 solutions capable of ensuring that basically every real estate investment from now on would be ‘future-proof’. The five companies were selected as winners of the KIRA-challenge competition.

The LIFE EconomisE project is coordinated by WWF Finland and implemented in partnership with the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) and SYKLI Environmental School of Finland. The project is co-financed by the EU LIFE Climate Governance and Information programme.

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Session Programme


Session opening

LIFE EconomisE project overview


5 winning solutions to decarbonise our building stock 

nollaE – Nikolas Salomaa, CEO

One Click LCA Planetary – Graham Devlin, New Products Operations Coordinator, Bionova

Heliostorage – Vesa Robertsson, CEO, Holda Energy Solutions

Hyperion Robotics – Fernando De los Rios, Founder and CEO

Fourdeg – Markku Makkonen, CEO




Session ends

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