Digital twinS of the built environment: Seven Metaphors to explain the buzzword

Partner Session – 29th September 2020 at 13:30–14:30 (EEST)

This partner session is hosted by the TwinValue project (

The TwinValue project aims to clarify the business value and integration requirements for the digital twin of a building, or in other words, an integrated software solution that can manage and update both static and dynamic information of a building across its life-cycle phases (e.g. “as-planned”, “as-designed”, “as-built”), thus coupling the physical asset with its digital representation or counterpart.

Digital twins of the built environment: Seven metaphors to explain a buzzword

The term “digital twins” has been around for a couple of years, but its actual meaning and potential business impact are still a matter of debate. In this talk, TwinValue will summarize some results of the research, which has examined various organizations of the Finnish built environment over the last two years. What do these key actors mean or try to achieve when they talk about digital twins? Are digital twins just a fancy buzzword for user interfaces to visualize buildings, a re-branding of BIM, or is there more to this promising concept?

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Session Programme


Digital twins of the built environment: Seven metaphors to explain a buzzword

Jose Camposano, researcher, LUT University


Introduction about the research group and project

Kari Smolander, professor, LUT University


Greetings from project partners

Vesa Ilmarinen, Chief Impact Officer, Platform of Trust

Ken Dooley, Technology Director, Granlund




Session ends

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