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WDBE Summit programme published – scroll down or click button for pdf!

9 high-level Keynotes


+40 expert presentations

Thought-leader panels

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DAY 1 – 28th Sept 2022

Venue: Hotel Clarion, Helsinki, Finland + Virtual platform // Please note that all times are in EEST.


Opening of the Summit Day 1


Keynote Session

Jacqueline Rohrmann

Researcher, That BIM Girl (US)

#generativedesign #sustainability #BIM

Achim Menges

Professor / Director, ICD Institute for Computational Design and Construction, University of Stuttgart (DE)

#integrativedesign #interdisciplinary approach


Shared Q&A with keynote speakers


Speed meets – Use the matchmaking tool to set up 1-on-1 meetings!



Lunch break

Session 1: Digitally Driven Circular Buildings

Hosted by the Netherlands


Coffee break + speed meets


Community Session 2: Land Use Planning & Permits

Sova3D – Kunta3D – part of 3d building Permit and automated update of City Models, Petri Kokko, Sova3D Oy, Finland
Spatial planning information modelling in Tallinn, Christopher-Robin Raitviir, Tallinn Urban Planning Department, Estonia
BIM based building permit in Estonia, Christopher-Robin Raitviir, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, Estonia
Towards interoperable plan data with a collaborative approach in KAATIO project, Dr. Pilvi Nummi, Asiantuntijat n+1 Oy, Finland
Decisions City, Pedro Aibeo, Architectural Democracy, Finland
Cetopo – Landscapes for Architecture, Max Cedercreutz, Cetopo, Finland


Community Session 3: Digital Twins


Interface of Buildings: Data-driven immersive and addictive metaverse building Holodesk experience, Dr. Jarkko Moilanen, Vastuu Group, Finland
Value proposition and realization in Build Environment Digital Twins, Jenna-Riia Oldenburg, Sitowise Oy, Finland
Find your green and cybersafe path with enterprise architecture, Hanna Pikkusaari, Osaango, Finland
The Social Dimension of Urban Digital Twins, Dr. Juho-Pekka Virtanen, Forum Virium, Helsinki, Finland
Building LifeCycle Management in Smart City with IoT, Petri Kokko, Sova3D Oy, Finland 


Keynote Session

Shehzan Mohammed

Director of Product Management
Cesium (US)

#3Dengineering #ecosystems #geospatial

Dr Ben Guy

CEO, UC 3D Planning Technology (AU)

#urbanplanning #3D #citymodels #simulation


Shared Q&A with keynote speakers + closing words


Programme ends – Joint Transition from Clarion to the Ferry Terminal


Ferry boarding opens


Ferry departs towards Tallinn

WDBE AWARDS GALA – 28th Sept 2022

Venue: Ferry Stage + Virtual platform // Please note that all times are in EEST.


Speed Meets – Use the matchmaking tool to book 1-on-1 meetings


WDBE Awards Gala opening


Gala Keynote

Tero Vanhanen

Phenomenon Creator
Fira (FI)

#creativity #cocreation #transformation


Announcing the winners


CATEGORY 1: Best use of open standards
CATEGORY 2: Most Collaborative use of Data
CATEGORY 3: Most Innovative Digital project Delivery
CATEGORY 4: Most impactful digital act for sustainability
CATEGORY 5: Best research for digital built environment
CATEGORY 6: Most insiightful learning experience
CATEGORY 7: Most advanced digital twin
CATEGORY 8: Most promising digital solution



Buffet dinner


DAY 1 Programme ends

DAY 2 – 29th September 2022

Venue: Port of Tallinn, New Terminal, Tallinn, Estonia + Virtual platform // Please note that all times are in EEST.


Opening of the Summit Day 2


Keynote session

Damon Hernandez

AEC Hackathon (US)

#metaverse #mixedreality #3D #BIM #AR #VR

Niknaz Aftahi

CEO & Founder

#platforms #architecture #innovation



Shared Q&A

Coffee break


WDBE sessions

Community Session 4: Digital Platforms

The digital material platform to optimize road and infrastructure projects, Nicolas Miravalls, ORIS, France
Digitalizing urban built environment stocks for circular construction and low-carbon city developmentProf. Gang Liu, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark
Solving labor shortages in construction with the help of skilled migrants, Martin Kalamees, Werk, Estonia & Tanja Karonen, Finland Country Manager, Werk
Iffent – letting people be free, Else Källo & Paavo Pärn, Iffent, Estonia
Smart City Access Ecosystem, Tero Kosonen & Olli Kilpeläinen, Abloy, Finland
Turning planning and management of projects upside down – the way your grandfather wanted it to be! Michael Szelwis, DeepMAP, Germany

Session 5: BIM-based building permit (ACCORD HEU)

Session will be hosted by the ACCORD project and joined by EU BIM Task Group.

We will hear from the recent developments in Estonia and Finland from the Rava3 project, world’s first BIM-based building permit in Järvenpää and Hyvinkää, project hosted by the Ministry of Environment Finland as well as from Dubai and the Netherlands.


Community Session 6: TOOLS FOR OWNERS

Helping asset managers become more efficient and resilient, Adrian Merkel, Framence, Germany
Competition Cloud, Tomas Westerholm, Tietoa Finland, Finland
Cityfier, Jukka Kettunen, AINS Group / Cityfier, Finland
Codeax SAFE – the world’s easiest rescue plan and property management platform that helps you to keep everyone safe – in every situation, every day,
Ari Virtanen & Sara Tapola, Codeax, Finland
Retrofitter, Dr. Frederik Vandyck & Prof. Sven Verbruggen, Universiteit Antwerpen, Belgium


Lunch break + WDBE Speed meets 


WDBE Sessions


SESSION 8:  Digital Construction Hackathon 2022

Hosted by G48


Coffee Break + WDBE Speed Meets


WDBE Sessions

Community Session 9: Industrialized Construction

Mass-customized, sustainable single-family homes, Martti Mela, Asumma, Finland
A Platform of Opportunities: Delivery of industrialized and regenerative buildings, Volker Weissenberger, CREE Buildings, Austria
Application of machine learned generative design to the optimization of the telescope enclosure
Luka Gradišar, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
NEOM: Industrialising sustainable construction, Mark Linder, NEOM & Lars Albäck, Vastuu Group, Finland
BIM in residential construction projects, Harri Majala, GBuilder, Finland
Using Digital Techniques to Increase the Sustainability of Concrete Production in China
Aku Wilenius, Caidio, Finland


Session 10: Future technology-driven business models

Hosted by Platform of Trust


Keynote Session

To be announced

Reid Senescu

VP of product management
Doxel (US)

#AI #ConTech #datadriven #IoT #platforms


Shared Q&A + closing words, summit day 2


EXCURSION: Sailing to Wolfscape


Dinner reception

Hosted by the City of Tallinn


Day 2 Programme ends

The WDBE is co-created by

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