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Welcome to the 3rd WDBE Summit – Let's redefine sustainability for urban future together!

World Summit on Digital Built Environment, WDBE 2020, brings together professionals from the public, and private sector globally. Anyone who shares the enthusiasm to learn, share and co-create our urban future is warmly invited. We welcome brave visionaries, and curious minds to showcase and experience the most sustainable, innovative and future oriented ideas. Together we can push already existing solutions even further to unleash the positive power of digitalisation.

Don’t miss our inspiring keynotes from global thought leaders, experimental showroom and strategic networking with the best players in the field and new uplifting ways of participating.

Re-invented, based on your wishes!

This year our summit offers global pre-events and three exciting, action packed days in Helsinki, Tallinn and on the boat in between.

Together we will create an illusion of a future metropol. We will experience the unlimited possibilities of digitalization of the built environment as an enabler of more socially, culturally, ecologically and economically sustainable urban future.  Join us and embark on an exciting trip as a citizen of Illusion – the imaginary twin city is your playground!


The Summit is organised by KIRAHub and RIL together with Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.

    HOW TO PARTICIPATE More to be announced

    WDBE 2020 will be co-created throughout the year. The Summit transforms into a disruptive platform for a sustainably digitised shared future. Let’s redefine sustainability for urban future together. There are many ways to be active in making this a reality for the built environment!

    Join the pre-events

    Test your digital ideas

    Showcase solutions

    Demonstrate the value

    Submit a presentation

    Share your expertise

    Buy the ticket

    Experience the future

    OFFICIAL PRE-EVENTSMore to be announced

    Our global pre-events give you access to deep-diving professional sessions with WDBE partners, no WDBE ticket needed. And you are also warmly welcome to arrange one of your own!

    BIM-based Building Permit Process Automation | Download presentations

    AEC Hackathon, BLOXHUB | 21st-23rd February 2020, Copenhagen

    KIRA AI: Shared Vision for AI Success | 17th March 2020, Online

    Data flow in the Construction Lifecycle | 17th April 2020, Online

    BIM Summit Estonia 2020 | September, Tallinn


    PRE2: AEC Hackathon

    PRE2: AEC Hackathon

    Once again BLOXHUB partnered up with the international hackathon organization, AEC Hackathon to bring together the brightest minds and innovators from the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) industry.

    PRE1: BIM Based Building Permits

    PRE1: BIM Based Building Permits

    Utilizing Building Information Models (BIM) to automate the building permit process may be the “killer app” for BIM that many of us have been waiting for.


    Want to share your ideas? Join the illusion!

    World Summit on Digital Built Environment, WDBE 2020, will showcase the best digital ideas and individuals improving the built environment – from incremental steps to revolutionary leaps. 

    Your solution might be hard or soft, from hands-on code to levitating gadgets to intergovernmental policy. The expected results ought to be tangible in some or many of the traditional or not-so-traditional fields of the built environment: architecture, engineering, construction, properties and real estate, transportation, infrastructure, urban culture etc.

    Sustainable digitalisation of the built environment creates better quality of life through economic, ecological, cultural and social improvements. The submissions will be selected based on their novelty, executability, scalability, effectiveness, creativity, level of co-operation and proven records of success. Join us – together we can build a story of our sustainable urban future, and share it with the whole ecosystem. 

    >> Click here to let us know how you would like to engage the WDBE community!

    WDBE2020 KEYNOTE SPEAKERSMore to be published

    Dr. Martin Fischer (US)

    Dr. Martin Fischer (US)

    Professor | Stanford University, CIFE

    Martin’s research goals are to improve the productivity of project teams involved in designing, building, and operating facilities and to enhance the sustainability of the built environment. His work develops the theoretical foundations and applications for virtual design and construction (VDC).

    Dr. Olli Seppänen (FI)

    Dr. Olli Seppänen (FI)

    Associate Professor | Aalto University

    Seppänen’s field of expertise is operations management in construction. His research interests include lean construction, real-time production control, location based management systems, lean design management, construction logistics and digitalized construction operations.

    Annalise Johns (UK)

    Annalise Johns (UK)

    Housing Lead | Connected Places Catapult

    London based, Annalise is a built environment and health urbanist, with a specialism in healthy housing, specifically building evidence to improve internal domestic quality. She has over 15 years’ experience working in Local Government designing and managing environmental improvement schemes working in transportation, Public Health, Planning and Conservation departments.

    Peter Vesterbacka (FI)

    Peter Vesterbacka (FI)

    Founder | FinEstBay Area Development

    Peter Vesterbacka is a global entrepreneur from the Heart of Eurasia, Helsinki, Finland. Branded communities co-created and initiated by Peter include the HP Bazaar, Mobile Monday, Slush and Startup Sauna to name a few. He was the Mighty Eagle at Angry Birds for many years taking that brand to unprecedented heights. Right now Peter is busy building the tunnel connecting Tallinn and Helsinki, creating the Finest Bay Area. 

    Dr. Marta Fernandez (ESP)

    Dr. Marta Fernandez (ESP)

    Executive Director | RMIT Europe

    Marta leads the European base of Australian university RMIT in Barcelona. Marta has a strong interest in urban well-being and has been a member of expert panels in nature based solutions in cities, energy efficiency and active ageing and the built environment. She is also a member of the Steering Committee of the European Construction Technology Platform.

    Kathrin Dörfler (GER)

    Kathrin Dörfler (GER)

    Assistant Professor | TU Munich

    Kathrin Dörfler is an architect and researcher in the field of robotic fabrication. Her research focuses on on-site robotic and mixed-reality fabrication. She holds a Master’s degree in Architecture from TU Vienna, and a PhD degree in Digital Fabrication from ETH Zurich. In summer 2019, she joined TU Munich as a Tenure Track Professor to establish a research group at the TUM Department of Architecture and the TUM Department of Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering.

    TicketsEarly Bird until 31 March

    Full Citizenship
    (Helsinki, ferry & Tallinn)

    Early Bird ticket 499€ + VAT

    • Full conference programme (Helsinki, ferry, Tallinn)
    • Ferry ticket to Tallinn (incl. single cabin, buffet & breakfast)
    • Lunch and coffee during conference days
    • After party at F-hoone restaurant (day 2)
    • Site visits in Tallinn (day 3)

    *Normal price 699€ + VAT. Limited batch of Early Bird tickets available until 31st March!

    Visitor Pass
    (Tallinn only)

    Early Bird ticket 299€ + VAT

    • Conference programme in Tallinn
    • Lunch and coffee during conference
    • After party at F-hoone restaurant
    • Site visits in Tallinn (day 3)


    *Normal price 449€ + VAT. Limited batch of Early Bird tickets available until 31st March!

    LOCATIONSDetailed agenda later

    Day 1: Helsinki

    Maria 01 & The Ferry

    Day 2: Tallinn

    Vabalava & F-hoone

    Day 3: Tallinn

    Site visits

    Organised in collaboration by


    Contact for more information, partnerships and ideas: 

    Sami Lankiniemi, Head of Partnerships, KIRAHub |, +358 407662263

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