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Co-created illusion

The virtual showroom

World Summit on Digital Built Environment has transformed from an annual conference into a virtual platform opening new possibilities for partnerships globally.

WDBE2020 will offer a truly unique virtual summit experience in collaboration with award-winning user experience focused virtual reality studio Zoan. We look to expand the present and the prevalent by bringing to life an illusion of the future in the immersive 3D environments of Virtual Helsinki and Tallinn. Together we will redefine sustainability for urban future in a virtual simulation – and then make it reality.

Below you can find more details about the opportunities included in the WDBE2020 partnership.

Introducing the WDBE Virtual Showroom

The Virtual Showroom will highlight the full creative potential of our industry through the story of shared sustainable future. If Helsinki, Tallinn and their surroundings would merge, what positive impacts could it unravel? How could digitalisation make this possible?This year the WDBE Showroom is for all professionals to escape into the future of the built environment. Together with our partners, we will showcase how our cities could be in terms of sustainable digitalization and invite the visitors to come and experience everything as citizens of our shared illusion.

We say yes to creative collaboration and offer a stage for memorable and unique experiences. Visitors can hear how energy efficiency is saving our planet, feel how one could swiftly move between the two metropolitan areas in an instant and test how smart could our homes become by utilizing the existing solutions.


The WDBE partner package includes all the items presented in purple below. The items in orange are available as add-ons and we can also tailor a package deal, including Main Partner status. The KIRAHub team will collaborate with the partner in planning and marketing of the content via the WDBE channels (website, newsletters, social media, events and the virtual platform). However, the production of the content and the related costs are excluded.


Logo visibility, newsletters

Partner logo

Right to use the WDBE brand

Official Pre-event

Incl. stream via Google Meet

Planning Workshop

For Virtual Showroom content


Incl. production & distribution, 1500 € + VAT

Upgraded Pre-event

Full production package, with AEC Business or selected partner


Logo visibility

Main visuals

10 tickets

Full Citizenship tickets


Highlighted on the platform

Collaborative Session

Hosted by the partner

Virtual Showroom

Execution with Zoan, price defined in Planning Session

WDBE Lounge

Host an event lounge at your premises


Logo visibility

After-marketing materials

Content on

Distribution via WDBE channels

Virtual Showroom

Use of created content

Branded materials

For after-marketing use for the partner

Contact us and let's create something unique together!

We can discuss all the elements of the WDBE partnership together to find the best fit for your organisation. Just send us a message and we will set up a meeting.

For more information:

Sami Lankiniemi

Head of Partnerships, KIRAHub

sami at // +358 40 766 2263

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