WDBE2020 Pre-Event: BIM-based Building Permit Process Automation Seminar

Earlier experiments of BIM-based Model Checking (BMC) solutions in Norway, the Netherlands and Singapore have clearly identified that adigital process can be expected to be faster and cheaper than manual processing. The results indicate that development of an automatic compliance-checking platform will return ten times the investment required. Many building authorities around the world have started taking the first steps towards implementing BMC in the building permit processThe aim of the seminar is to share knowledge and to learn from actual prototypes and first implementations

The seminar is free to attend but requires pre-registration as the number of seats is limited. This seminar is hosted by the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications and organized in co-operation with the EU BIM Task GroupThe seminar is also part of a series of pre-events leading up to the World Summit on the Digital Built Environment (WDBE) in Helsinki/Tallinn in September 2020. 

For more information please contact Jaan Saar at jaan.saar@mkm.ee or +3725290777.