We act as a transparent platform for the wide range discussion in the built environment, without silos. Our aim is to harness digitalization to help a comprehensively more sustainable built environment. Digitization is not a value in itself, but a way to achieve society’s goals more efficiently and intelligently together. There are many possibilities and new ones are constantly emerging, we want to make them easily available to the entire industry and create an inspiring flow of doing things.

Together, we increase the scale of the discussions, we bring multi-voicedness and common goals to them, we help to refine and productize the ideas that arise from them, and we share the lessons refined from them for use by the entire industry, also internationally. We collect and also develop the necessary platforms ourselves to speed up the sustainable digitalization of the industry. Our already functioning platforms are the Urban3 ecosystem space, the international WDBE conference, the open discussion forum KIRAHVI, and the newly founded Urban Hub Europe network, as well as of course all our active communication channels. We act as project coordinators in the Low Carbon Built Environment #KIRAilmasto program and are involved in FAIR Finnish AI Region and LIH Location Innovation Hub EU-funded consortium projects.

We believe that the sustainable digitalisation of the KIRA industry is an opportunity for the natural implementation of the much-needed systemic change and its international productization – this has to be done together and can only be achieved together! We want tell the story about the happiest nation in the world, which is a whole of interwoven fragments, the setting of which is our built environment. We proudly highlight these stories and their authors, connect them to each other and pass them on.

Join us to – Let’s change the industry for the better!

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Teemu Lehtinen

Teemu Lehtinen


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Vappu Id


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Maryam Siddiqah-Oinonen

Maryam Siddiqah-Oinonen

Community & Communications Manager



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