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WDBE UPDATES // The Netherlands joins WDBE – call for Dutch companies to attend

The Netherlands becomes the fourth hosting country of WDBE

Throught the partnership, Dutch companies and other organisations have access to showcase their expertise at World of Digital Built Environment, or WDBE in short, which in 5 years become a platform for AEC experts across the world. The global community continues to concretize the unlimited possibilities of digitalization as an enabler of a more socially, culturally, ecologically and economically sustainable urban future.

This year the Netherlands joins Finland, Estonia and Denmark as the event co-organiser, adding a more profound focus on the interplay between digitalisation and sustainability in the built environment.

The collaboration will support the Strategic and result-oriented roadmap to create a sustainably built planet which was set for 2021–2024 by the Netherlands’ Regional Business Development Team Nordics & Baltics, the Embassies of the Netherlands in the Nordics and in collaboration with FME, InnovationQuarter, Bloc and Netherlands Enterprise Agency RVO. The roadmap and now the collaboration around WDBE serve in particular to increase sustainable, circular and digital innovation and business development between the Netherlands and The Nordics. The exchange will specifically focus on construction and management of buildings.

“The Netherlands and the Nordics can use their common ambitions to pioneer and innovate in order to accelerate the transition to sustainable buildings even further. This can be done by learning from each other, collaborating on new developments as well as engaging in more trade within sustainable buildings.” says Margot Roose, Business Development Officer, Baltics & Finland.

“The Netherlands is a world-leading pioneer in sustainability and circular economy for when it comes to innovative solutions improving our built environment. In recent years, the WDBE community has made it clear that digital tools and data-driven development are essential in scaling the impact of our sustainability work to stop the climate crisis. This is why we are proud to have the Netherlands join WDBE as a co-host” says Sami Lankiniemi, Head of Partnerships at KIRAHub which is one of the Finnish co-organisers of WDBE.

Call for Dutch companies – free promotional access to showcase your expertise

Through the collaboration, Dutch companies and organisations can join the event delegation and showcase their solutions with extra visibility (such as presentations, dedicated Community Session, communications and more) at the WDBE Summit and Awards on 28–29 September 2022 in Finland and Estonia. The WDBE Summit & Awards is a great platform to meet CDOs, CTOs, CIOs in real estate and construction, government and city officials, architects, engineers, other experts as well as researchers working with BIM, VDC, AR/VR, Big Data, analytics, IOT, virtual project delivery and more – from Finland, Estonia, Denmark, Netherlands and other +20 countries represented!

Interested in meeting new partners and client in Finland? Apply before 24th July 2022! For more information about the promotional features, speaker opportunities and other benefits, please contact Margot Roose (contact information below).

More information:

Margot Roose,, Regional Business Development Team Nordics & Baltics

Sami Lankiniemi,, Head of Partnerships, KIRAHub & WDBE Summit and Awards

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    WDBE-talks: Urgency and Scale: Discussing the Importance of Human-Led Supersensing

    WDBE-talks: Urgency and Scale: Discussing the Importance of Human-Led Supersensing

    In this episode of WDBE Talks, we sat down with Dr. Sofie Pelsmakers of Tampere University to discuss the role of sensor technology in the modern built environment and the continuing need for sustainable change within the contemporary built environment. Our conversation covered the need to address the ‘performance gap’ within the sector, the ethical issues surrounding data capture, and obstacles impeding change.

    Urgency and Scale: Discussing the Importance of Human-Led Supersensing with Sofie Pelsmakers.

    Urgency and Scale: Discussing the Importance of Human-Led Supersensing with Sofie Pelsmakers.

    In the run-up to WDBE 2021, we talked with Dr. Sofie Pelsmakers, the Associate Professor for Sustainable Architecture and Sustainable Housing Design at Tampere University. Our conversation covered the importance of implementing human-led sensor technology, the need for continuous research, and the role urban supersensing can play when it comes to sustainability and improving quality of life.

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