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Welcome to the World of Digital Built Environment!

This year the WDBE Summit + Awards celebrate the forerunners of digital built environment on 28–29 September 2022 in Helsinki & Tallinn

The culmination of the year, The Worrld of Digital Built Environment (WDBE) Summit 2022 takes place on 28-29 September in Helsinki, Finland and Tallinn, Estonia – and this year features a new Awards galaWDBE has become a platform for our growing global AEC community, highlighting the brightest minds and most cutting-edge digital solutions improving our urban future. The event returns to its origins as a physical gathering, but still making it possible to attend also through the virtual platform named as “Illusion city”.

To honor this, our program will feature 9 world-class inspirational keynotes, most profound thought-leader panel discussions and carefully selected Community Sessions with over 40 expert presentations. These are complemented with a festive gala evening, dinner party in Tallinn and exciting excursions on both sides. And of course, multiple opportunities, onsite and online, to connect and share with other forerunners around the world.

Co-organised by Finland, Estonia, Denmark and the Netherlands, the community continues to concretize the unlimited possibilities of digitalization as an enabler of a more socially, culturally, ecologically and economically sustainable urban future. As the world faces tremendous obstacles and uncertainty, we have to act together for a positive transformation. 

The WDBE community includes over 2000 professionals from 54 countries. We are CDOs, CTOs, CIOs in real estate and construction, government and city officials, architects, engineers, other experts as well as researchers working with BIM, VDC, AR/VR, Big Data, analytics, IOT, virtual project delivery and more.

Day 0

27th September

Day: Tampere, Nokia Arena

  • Excursion

Evening: Helsinki, Urban3

  • Get-together

Day 1

28th September

Day: Helsinki, Clarion Helsinki

  • Keynotes
  • Community Sessions
  • Networking & Speed Meets
  • Solution showcases

Afternoon: Ferry to Tallinn

  • Buffet dinner & Speed meets

Evening: Tallinn


Day 2

29th September

Day: Tallinn, New Terminal

  • Keynotes
  • Community Sessions
  • Networking & Speed Meets
  • Solution highlights

Evening: Tallinn, Town Hall

  • WDBE Awards Gala & Dinner

Day 3

30th September

Day: Tallinn

  • Estonian National Library construction site
  • Tallinn City Theatre construction site
  • E-estonia Briefing Center excursion

     WDBE2022 Ticket

    WDBE2022 ticket is your all access pass, unlocking keynotes, the awards gala, Community Sessions, excursions, networking possibilities and more! When buying 5 or more tickets our group ticket possibility will give you € 50 off each ticket.  


    The ticket includes:

    • Full access to the Summit programme (online & onsite, recordings)
    • Ferry trip from Helsinki to Tallinn & Buffet Dinner – NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE
    • 1 night stay at Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel (28-29 Sept) NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE
    • Helsinki get-together (day 0)
    • Awards Gala, Tallinn reception & dinner (day 2)
    • Excursions (Helsinki day 0 + Tallinn day 3)
    • Matchmaking tool


    Reid Senescu

    VP of Product Management
    Doxel (US)

    Reid Senescu is Doxel’s Vice President of Product Management and leads the development of AI-powered software for commercial construction projects. With a PhD in Civil Engineering from Stanford University and numerous product leadership positions in ConTech, including most recently commercial building IoT platform service provider Enlightened (acquired by Siemens), Reid has a unique perspective on the industry and the development of new use cases for advanced technology in construction.

    Niknaz Aftahi

    CEO & Founder 
    aec+tech (US)

    Niknaz is the CEO and co-founder of aec+tech, an all-in-one innovation platform and community connecting AEC/O (Architecture, Engineering, Construction & Operations) professionals with the latest tools and technologies. Prior to launching aec+tech Niknaz practiced architecture in the bay area, California, both as a design professional as well as a design technologist. Niknaz is a member of AIA San Francisco design technology committee, and has also been developing curriculum and teaching architecture courses online to Bahai students in Iran who continue to be deprived of access to universities in their own country.

    Shehzan Mohammed

    Director of 3D Engineering & Ecosystems, Cesium (US)

    Shehzan Mohammed oversees the growth of the Cesium ecosystem through outward-facing engineering, partnerships, community growth, and customer success. He is in charge of advancing the engineering and development of Cesium’s products and runtime engines in ways that will have the greatest impact on Cesium’s users. He also contributes to the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) to advance open standards for geospatial applications and is a frequent contributor and speaker on 3D geospatial technology.


    Per-Erik Åstrand

    Business Development Executive, SoftwareONE (SE)

    Per-Erik is a Civil Engineer with background as a designer and project manager within the construction Industry.  He has now worked with digital transformation in the construction industry for over 15 years, and gained experience in moving companies towards fully cloud based data management methodologies as well as implementing high end technology such as Generative Design and Automation. He is passionate about enabling construction companies get concrete benefits from digitalization and implementing scalable future proof technology that will increase productivity and empower companies with a more efficient workforce.


    Damon Hernandez

    AEC Hackathon (US)

    Damon works with various industries regarding web based 3D, virtual environments, mirror worlds, and other mixed reality/Metaverse related technologies for over 20 years. He is passionate about the web’s convergence with other technologies including IoT, GIS, CAD/BIM/CAM, AR/VR, mobile, and wearable devices. To help in the adoption of new tech, he organizes various events and hackathon communities.”

    Dr Ben Guy

    CEO, UC 3D Planning Technologies(AU)

    Ben is a doctoral qualified urban and civil planner with 20 years commercial experience running Urban Circus 3D Planning. He’s built a 3D planning technology to support clients and users do better planning and make better plans. Better plans means contextualised and integrated in 3D reality, faster to build and easy to comprehend at the human scale for construction, users and maintenance. Better planning means multi-disciplinary, cross-organisation, collaborative, negotiated openly, clear and understood. In actuality much planning tends to be obfuscated, schematic, closed with vertically segregated silo-thinking. When Ben brings the new 3D Planning methods to projects and organisations – transformations in planning quality, efficiency, culture and alignment tend to occur. This applies to planning for works, layouts, operations, development, construction, townscape and everything in between.

    Jacqueline Rohrmann

    BIM Specialist, Researcher 
    That BIM Girl (DE)

    After completing her research project on Generative Design, Jacqueline kick-started her career with a job at Tesla. Being one of the first people on the ground at Gigafactory Berlin, she wore many hats and ultimately managed the design of the entire automotive factory. She now moved on to pursue her passion to make our industry greener with a MBA degree in Building Sustainability. If she seems familiar to you, you might have watched on of her videos about BIM or Sustainability that she posts on her YouTube-Channel „That BIM Girl“.

    Achim Menges

    Professor / Director, ICD Institute for Computational Design and Construction, University of Stuttgart(DE)

    Achim Menges is a registered architect in Frankfurt and professor at Stuttgart University, where he is the founding director of the Institute for Computational Design and Construction (ICD) and the director of the Cluster of Excellence Integrative Computational Design and Construction for Architecture (IntCDC).

    The focus of Achim Menges’ practice and research is on the development of integrative design at the intersection of computational design methods, robotic manufacturing and construction, as well as advanced material and building systems. His work is based on an interdisciplinary approach in collaboration with structural engineers, system engineers, production engineers, computer scientists, material scientists and biologists.  

    Become a partner

    The WDBE activities are co-created by our community of future-builders. This is your chance to showcase your extraordinary expertise for the global WDBE community. We can discuss all the elements of the WDBE partnership packages together to find the best fit for your organisation. Interested? Contact!

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    WDBE 2022 Partner – Abloy

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    WDBE-talks: Talking Construction Transformation with Per-Erik Åstrand

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    WDBE-talks: Achim Menges innovates the way webuild

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