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Welcome to the World of Digital Built Environment!

WDBE is now a community platform for continuous sharing + WDBE Summit for world class inspiration. 

It’s inevitable that the world changes faster than ever before and we want to contribute to positive transformation! WDBE is now The World of Digital Built Environment – a permanent platform for our growing global community highlighting the brightest minds and digital solutions improving our urban future. Together we will continue to concretize the unlimited possibilities of digitalization as an enabler of a more socially, culturally, ecologically and economically sustainable urban future.

Our shared journey starts NOW as the WDBE platform opens a series of free, live-streamed Community Sessions, packed with community keynotes and expert talks with solution highlights bringing the urban supersenses alive.

Summit programme now published – click button below!

By joining the community now, you gain access to a monthly stream of professional content, such as articles, blog posts and podcasts, and a matchmaking tool to find new clients and partners. The culmination of the year, WDBE Summit 2021, will take place on September 28-29 and conclude the shared sensemaking of the theme “Unlocking Urban Supersensing” with the best inspirational keynote speakers and most profound thought leader panel discussions.

Last year we brought together over 2000 professionals from 54 countries and we are constantly growing – Subscribe to our world and join our ecosystem of future builders! All our 2020 summit keynotes now available to all our subscribers.   

What is urban supersensing?

Urban supersenses offer us a constantly evolving toolbox to improve our everyday work, from architectural design to facility management. These senses originate from innovative use of intelligent technology solutions. The combination of digital + humane will unlock new ways of exploring and improving our built environment.

The main question of WDBE in 2021 is: How the developments in the interplay between humans and computers are changing our way of creating and interacting with buildings and cityscapes?  

And what is the WDBE Community?

WDBE brings together CDOs, CTOs, CIOs, architects, experts and researchers working with BIM, VDC, AR/VR, Big Data, analytics, IOT solutions, virtual project delivery etc. around the world.  Our aim is to accelerate transparent and sustainable systemic change through our global ecosystem of change makers.

The WDBE is co-created by

In partnerships with

WDBE has become a platform for the global community of future builders to share the latest research and innovation. We want to continue to spread inspiring examples globally. By subscribing to the WDBE Community, you will gain access to our world of future builders and monthly stream of free professional content. 

Community Sessions

The Community Sessions are half-day online events, diving deeply into each Supersense.

Sessions offer community keynotes, expert talks from the community members, an open forum for debate as well as showcases of progressive solutions and workshops for developing your professional skills.

Matchmaking Platform

Find partners to develop new Supersenses or share your expertise to help others succeed.

The WDBE has become a global community where the brightest minds from the real estate and construction industry seek to broaden their professional networks.

Professional Development

From workshops and articles to podcasts, we have you covered with the latest in digital built environment.

Throughout the year, the WDBE subscribers will have access to thought-provoking coverage of inspiring professional content, created by the our community.

The culmination of the year, WDBE Summit 2021, will take place on 28-29 September 2021 and concludes the shared sensemaking of the theme “Unlocking Urban Supersensing” with the best inspirational keynote speakers and most profound thought-leader panel discussions.

WDBE2021 Summit brings the forerunners of the digital built environment together for the fourth time in a row. Welcome to spend two inspiring days unlocking the urban  supersensing! The first day will be dedicated to WDBE Community Talks highlighting the brightest minds and innovations under our theme of the year – the discussion gathered from our  free Community Sessions will create a comprehensive background from where to start. The second summit day is packed with inspirational keynotes,  panel discussions, solution highlights and matchmaking opportunities with our  global ecosystem of industry  forerunners. 

We have now published our first Summit Keynotes from industry thought-leaders and released our limited edition batch of Early Bird tickets (129€+VAT 24%) available until 30th June.


Early Bird ticket

Early Bird tickets are available for 129€ + VAT 24% until 30th June.


129€ + vat

Early Bird Group Ticket

The Early Bird group ticket offers even a lower price when buying over 10 tickets. 

*VAT can be waived for EU organizations with valid VAT number and organizations outside EU.

99€ + vat

Standard ticket

Stardard tickets will be available for 199€ + VAT 24% after 30th June.


199€ + vat


LoRri Rowlandson

Senior Vice President of Strategy and Innovation

Brian Ringley

Construction Technology Manager
Boston Dynamics (US)

+ More to be announced

Danielle Dy Buncio

Co-founder & CEO
VIATechnik (US)

Sofie Pelsmakers

Visiting professor, Sheffield School of Architecture & Assistant professor, Tampere University (FI)

Aviad Almagor

Division Vice President, Emerging Technologies
Trimble (US)

Jeff Schumacher

Real Estate and Security Regional Lead
Microsoft (IRL)


High-level Keynotes

WDBE Summit provides extensive coverage of current phenomena presented by pioneers in their field.   

WDBE stage has witnessed keynotes from Google, Microsoft, Stanford University, Uber, Amazon, Epic Games, and many other innovative actors. 2021 will be no exception!


ThoughT-leader panels

We will be inviting the brightest minds from all around the industry to discuss how we can unleash the positive power of digitalisation in the built environment.

Community Sessions

The discussions from the Community Sessions  continue at the Summit.

They offer curated expert talks from within our community to debate different pathways for our industry to evolve.

Solution Highlights

What are the most advanced solutions out on the market? What are the most suitable for you and how will they eventually transform the way we work everyday?

At the Summit, we will present a selection of solutions that will equip us with new superpowers. 


Matchmaking Platform

During the Summit, you can book 1-to-1 meetings directly with other attendees to discuss mutual interests and collaboration opportunities.

In addition, we will host thematic breakout rooms to make sure you have all the possibilities to meet the right people.

Digital Showcases

From projects to products, you can learn what is happening in the world of digital built environment.

The online platform will host dedicated areas for these showcases and of course you have ability to visit the virtual booths from more personal guidance. 


The WDBE experience is co-created by our community of future-builders throughout the year. This means that you can use your extraordinary expertise to help us all strenghten our super senses!

Join & Subscribe

Join now for free and gain access to professional events, articles and more!

Present & Inspire

The call for presentations is open, submit yours before 30th April!

Become a partner

Make WDBE the platform to share your expertise!

Join the Summit

WDBE Summit takes place 28–29 Sept 2021! Early Bird price (129€ + VAT) available until 30th June.

Community Sessions

Our global Community Sessions give you access to deep-diving professional sessions, free of charge for the WDBE Community subscribers. And you are also warmly welcome to arrange one of your own – just contact us and we’ll make it happen!


Stay tuned for upcoming sessions – or arrange your own! 

Past events

How can data-driven planning create more inclusive urban environments? | 15–16 June 2021, Online

Why we need a real-time picture of the construction site? | 27 May 2021, Online

Do we really need to return to the office? | 6 May 2021, Online

Do we really need a common language in construction? | 31 Mar 2021, Online

Digital transition towards circular built environment | 12 Jan 2021, Online

FINEST Twins Digital Twin Masterclass 2020 | 5–26 November 2020, Online

Digital twin: Are we there yet? | 22nd October 2020, Online

Garage48 Digital Construction Hackathon | 25–27 September, Online

Building level intelligence and flexibility | Watch the recording

DigiPLACE Workshop | Watch the recording

Digital Situational Awareness in Construction | Watch the recording

Integrated Design | Watch the recording

WWF Life EconomisE KIRA-challenge | Watch the recording

Data flow in the Construction Lifecycle | Watch the recording

AEC Hackathon, BLOXHUB | Read the tips for AEC professionals

KIRA AI: Shared Vision for AI Success | Watch the recording

BIM-based Building Permit Process Automation | Download presentations

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