WDBE talks: Episode 5

In this WDBE Talks podcast episode, Jaan Saar, Head of Digital Construction for the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications in Estonia, talks about finding and implementing a common language for digitalized construction.

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To unlock the real benefits of all the cool technologies like AI, VR/AR, XR, IoT, and hyper-automation, we first need to make sense of the underlying data. This is exactly what the first Community Session of WDBE, the World of Digital Built Environment, explored. The session was titled Do we really need a common language in construction. It included several expert presentations and a panel discussion.

“I think the consensus from all of the panelists and the kind of common message was that you need to really collaborate, you need to come out from your building silos from your head and really start collaborating with others, talking about this subject. I know, it’s not an easy subject to talk about, it’s not the sexiest topic,” Jaan explains in the interview. “We also ended up, kind of, on a very philosophical level about empathy, or how do you really perceive the needs of others. And how you accommodate that. And what’s a common language that’s right.”

Guest of this episode: 

Jaan Saar has managed processes and IT in the construction industry for over 15 years. He joined the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs & Communications in 2018 with the goal to digitally transform construction in Estonia. He is currently working on developing the “e-construction platform” which will provide the backbone for data sharing throughout the building lifecycle and the national digital twin. He is also deputy chair of the EU BIM Task Group and a member of the buildingSMART Board of Directors.

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