WDBE Summit // online // 28–29 September 2021

Welcome to WDBE Summit, the annual online main event of World of Digital Built Environment and the connected global expert community!

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The culmination of the year, WDBE Summit 2021, will take place on 28-29 September 2021 online and concludes the shared sensemaking of the theme “Unlocking Urban Supersensing” with the best inspirational keynote speakers and most profound thought-leader panel discussions.

WDBE2021 Summit brings the forerunners of the digital built environment together for the fourth time in a row. Welcome to spend two inspiring days unlocking the urban  supersensing! The Summit will highlight the brightest minds and innovations under our theme of the year – the discussion gathered from our  free Community Sessions will create a comprehensive background from where to start. The Summit is of course also packed with inspirational keynotes,  panel discussions, solution highlights and matchmaking opportunities with our  global ecosystem of industry  forerunners.

And who you can meet? WDBE brings together experts working with BIM, VDC, AR/VR, Big Data, analytics, IOT solutions, virtual project delivery etc. Our attendees are CDOs, CTOs, CIOs, architects, project managers, experts and researchers from around the world. WDBE participants come from Finland, Estonia, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Switzerlands and the Netherlands

8 high-level Keynotes


+40 expert presentations

Thought-leader panels

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Keynote speakers

Lorri Rowlandson

Senior Vice President of Strategy and Innovation

Brian Ringley

Construction Technology Manager
Boston Dynamics (US)

Aviad Almagor

Division Vice President, Emerging Technologies
Trimble (US)

Sofie Pelsmakers

Assistant professor, Tampere University (FI)

Danielle Dy Buncio

Co-founder & CEO
VIATechnik (US)

Rune Huse Karlstad

Business Developer AEC, Oil & Gas at Varjo (NO)

Jeff Schumacher

Real Estate and Security Regional Lead
Microsoft (IRL)

Håvard Haukeland

Co-founder of Spacemaker, now Senior Director at Autodesk (NO)

DAY 1 – 28th September 2021

Please note that all times are in EEST.

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Morning get-together – open chat room for all attendees

Breakout Room: Find your next opportunity in Helsinki

Hosted by Helsinki Business Hub’s Irma Ylikangas, Senior Business Advisor and Sonja Malin, Senior Business Advisor.



Opening of the Summit

Keynote Session


KEYNOTE 1: Rune Huse Karlstad (Varjo) – “Practical use of XR and the future metaverse in AEC”


 KEYNOTE 2: Håvard Haukeland (Spacemaker) – “How early phase analytics bring business value in real estate development”



Shared Q&A with the keynote speakers

Networking Break


Community sessions

Community Session 1: Common language and data platforms 

Common Language for the Built Environment

Jaan Saar, Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs & Communications, Estonia

Real Time Data and Application Sharing and Collaboration For The Building Energy Domain

Nikos Sakkas, APINTECH LTD, Cyprus

E-construction Platform Implementation

Taavi Jakobson, Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs & Communications, Estonia

Digitizing spatial planning field

Kermo Mägi, Estonian Ministry of Finance, Estonia

National Digital Twin

Ingrid Aasoja-Zverev, Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs & Communications, Estonia

Czech Data Construction standard (DSS) and classification system (CCI) – principles, vision and actual status

Jaroslav Nechyba, Czech Agency for Standardization, Czech Republic

Community Session 2: Smart and sustainable cities

Accelerating sustainability in cities by digital tools

Suvi Monni, Sitowise, Finland

Sauli Heino, Sitowise, Finland

Supersensing of the Units of National Built Environments On Real-Time Enabled by Digitalization

Pekka Huovinen, Business Management PJH, Finland

Smart Infrastructure as a cornerstone of Smart City

Samuli Virtanen, Sitowise, Finland

What’s AI’s role in creation of sustainable societies?

Janne Liuttu, Ramboll, Finland

Maptionnaire – Insights that enable cities to change

Anna Broberg, Mapita Oy, Finland

Is Smart City the next moon shot?

Kalle Nieminen, Sitowise, Finland


Networking break & lunch


Panel discussion & special session with Helsinki Business Hub

Public Sector Panel

At this session, we will hear about the governmental roadmaps for digitalisation of the built environment in Finland, Estonia and Denmark.

The discussion will be moderated by Aarni Heiskanen, Construction Innovation Agent at AEC Business and Paul Wilkinson, consultant, writer, and speaker at Extranet Evolution


Juhana Rautiainen, Ministry of the Environment, Finland

Taavi Jakobson, Ministry of the Economic Affairs and Communication, Estonia

Michael Friis Ørsted, Buildings Department of the City of Copenhagen, Denmark

Introduction to the Helsinki Ecosystem – New Built Environment Opportunities

Open call: digital green maps for better cities

At this session, our smart city experts Irma Ylikangas and Sonja Malin will share information about the business opportunities in the built environment ecosystem in Helsinki and stories of successful projects. They are joined by other city representatives to present the newest open call for digital urban plant life mapping solutions

Join to hear what Helsinki can offer you and your company!


Irma Ylikangas, Senior Business Advisor, Helsinki Business Hub

Sonja Malin, Senior Business Advisor, Helsinki Business Hub

Lauri Lemmenlehti, Natural Environment Digitalization Expert, Helsinki Business Hub


Networking break


Special session with BLOXHUB and ConTech Lab

Digital sensors can make construction more sustainable

With sensors, we get new senses that are razor sharp day and night and that can help optimize our construction processes and drive our buildings better. There are many different solutions on the market that help solve most of the challenges that construction faces. Sensors can optimize both the construction phase and the operational phase and make construction more sustainable.

The business case is obvious even though we rarely see the IoT solutions in use. This applies to both new construction and operation of existing buildings. We will elaborate on how to kickstart the use of IoT technology making construction more sustainable and more productive.

The session is hosted by ConTech Lab’s Christina Haupt Toft, Network Director and Jakob Norman-Hansen, Head of Global Networks at BLOXHUB.


Casper Bernhøj Harlev – Sensohive

Rebekka Pallesen – HD Lab

Lars Andersen – NCC


Networking break


Breakout Room: Find your next opportunity in Helsinki

Hosted by Helsinki Business Hub’s Irma Ylikangas, Senior Business Advisor and Sonja Malin, Senior Business Advisor.


opening of the Evening session


Community sessions

Community Session 3: Hybrid work and smart facilities management

Shaping Human Experience – A focus on hybrid work and four emerging worker profiles

Sofia Jakas, Jones Lang LaSalle Finland Oy, Finland

Decision Support System based on Occupancy-Oriented Digital Twin for Facility Management

Laura Pellegrini, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

BIMLIFE Platform: An ecosystem of multiple digital twins for building operations

Francisco Forns-Samso, Granlund, Finland

Technology in built environment – the dependencies in an environment enabling all the smart solutions

Hanna Pikkusaari, Osaango, Finland

Futureproofing and scaling machine learning for occupancy prediction

Davor Stjelja, Granlund Oy, Finland

Wayfinder in complex construction areas

Merja Taipaleenmäki, Citynomadi, Finland

Community Session 4:Optimizing design and project management

A comprehensive twin-based Building Design Health Check

Christian Schunicht, Twingine, Germany

Calculation of the Smart Readiness Indicator for a sample of buildings in South Tyrol ies

Ulrich Klammsteiner, Agentur für Energie Südtirol – KlimaHaus, Italy

Urban spatial sensing for social inclusion and disruption of the limits

Lavinia Chiara Tagliabue, University of Turin, Italy

Collaborative project risk management and benchmarking

Sami Kärnä, Inclus, Finland

Iffent – automated design team assembly!

Paavo Pärn, Iffent, Estonia

Circular 369 Pattern Buildings

Renee Puusepp, Creatomus Solutions / Estonian Academy of Arts, Estonia


networking break


Keynote session


Keynote 3: Lorri Rowlandson (BGIS) – “The Digital “Office” – How data is transforming the built environment and the way we work” 


KEYNOTE 4: DANIELLE DY BUNCIO (VIATechnik) – “Virtual Design & Construction


Shared Q&A with the keynote speakers


Closing of the day 1


Evening Get-together – open chat room for all attendees

DAY 2 – 29th September 2021

Please note that all times are in EEST.

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Morning get-together – open chat room for all attendees

Breakout Room: Find your next opportunity in Helsinki

Hosted by Helsinki Business Hub’s Irma Ylikangas, Senior Business Advisor and Sonja Malin, Senior Business Advisor.


Morning session


Opening of the day 2


Keynote 5: JEFF SCHUMACHER (Microsoft) – “Data-driven Facilities Management”


KEYNOTE 6: SOFIE PELSMAKERS (TUNI) – “Sustainable Architecture & Housing Design


Shared Q&A with the keynote speakers


Networking break


Community sessions

Community Session 5: Sustainable buildings and circular economy

Boosting Sustainability: The Role of Sensing and Data Analytics in Operating and Maintaining Built Assets

Susanne Knorr, Arcadis, United Kingdom

The environmental impact of integrating Building Information Modelling (BIM): A systematic review and case study

Marie-France Stendahl, Lund University, Sweden

Nordic Swan Ecolabelling of buildings

Riikka Holopainen, Ecolabelling Finland, Finland

Four challenges of real assets’ lifecycle valuation

Katja Rodionova, Sitowise, Finland

Case study on a Dutch socially sustainable circular economy IoT platform

Jenny Heikinheimo, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

Community Session 6: BIM-based permit and digital handover

BIM-based building permits in Estonia

Christopher-Robin Raitviir, Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs & Communications, Estonia

Kunta3D- latest findings of combining BIM & GIS

Petri Kokko, Finland

Digital Handover of construction projects

Harri Majala, GBuilder, Finland

How not to get lost on a BIM2FM journey!

Mihkel Metsala, Reminet Ltd, Estonia

Kaia Kirs, Reminet Ltd, Estonia

Connecting IoT to IFC, Customer case

Alexander Le Bell, Tridify, Finland


Networking break & lunch


Hackathon session


Networking break


Breakout Room: Find your next opportunity in Helsinki

Hosted by Helsinki Business Hub’s Irma Ylikangas, Senior Business Advisor and Sonja Malin, Senior Business Advisor.


Opening of the evening session


Community sessions

Community Session 7: Mixed reality for AEC and nature

Moderator: Tuija Pakkanen, Ministry of Environment, Finland

Let’s Play the AEC Game

Jarkko Männistö, Sitowise, Finland

New technology boosts efficiency of augmented reality

Adrian Merkel, FRAMENCE GmbH, Germany


Pedro Aibeo, Architectural Democracy, Finland

Modelling urban green for digital twins

Lauri Lemmenlehti, Forum Virium Helsinki, Finland

Crafting a Virtual Nature Concept – A case example of Aukio

Aki Päivärinne, Granlund Oy, Finland

Sami Kämppi, OiOi Collective, Finland

Jenni Herkama, Rune & Berg Design Ltd, Finland

GreenTwins: New tools for collaborative planning of green environments

Pilvi Nummi, Aalto University, TalTech, Finland

Henna Fabritius, TalTech, Finland

Petri Kangassalo, Aalto University, Finland

Viktorija Prilenska, TalTech, Estonia

Community Session 8: Future technology-driven business models

The Future of Architecture and the World of the Digital Built Environment

Terry Beaubois, BKS: Building Knowledge Systems, United States

4V’s of Digital Twin Business Models

Erika Parn, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

Data insights to drive real estate transactions

Natalia Rincon, CHAOS Architects, Finland

Probabilistic Blockchains: Political Gridlock And A Path Towards Open Finance in P3 Infrastructure

Aktham Dabbas, University of Texas at Austin, United States

Urban energy systems’ digital twin for multi-objective optimization as a basis for collaborative decision making

Alice Chevrier, Urban Sympheny AG, Switzerland

Case YIT Workery+ – The Smartest Building of 2021 and a new business model combining co-working and flexible office leases for the new hybrid workplace

Anders Stenbäck, YIT, Finland



networking break



KEYNOTE 7: AVIAD ALMAGOR (Trimble) – “On-Site Supersensing and the Future of Automation: Discussing Construction, Robotics, and Contemporary Data Capture


KEYNOTE 8: BRIAN RINGLEY (Boston Dynamics) – “Closing the Loop: Discussing Automation and Realtime Supersensing


Shared Q&A with the keynote speakers


Closing of the summit


Evening Get-together – open chat room for all attendees

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